For those who have been tested for COVID-19 and those who have been infected(英語)



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Please read the followings if you have been tested for the COVID-19

1. For those who are waiting for the COVID-19 test results

(1) Do not leave home until the results turn out to be negative.
(2) The hospital or health center that has undergone the test will inform you of the results.

2. When the test  results is positive

(1) You may receive a "non-notification" calls from the health center phone. Please be sure to answer the phone.
(2) If you do not answer the phone, a health center staff member may go to your house.
(3) A health center staff listens to your symptoms and tell them by phone whether you will be treated at home, at a hotel in the city, or at a hospital.

(4) You / your partner should contact an immediate health center or call an ambulance if you have any of the following symptoms:

Facial expression / appearance 1. The complexion is very bad
2. Lips are purple
3. The appearance is different from usual
Shortness of breath, etc

1. Breathing became rough, and the number of breathing increased
2. Suddenly you became stuffy
3. It's hard to breath when you move a little
4. Your chest hurts
5. You can't lie down
6. You can't breathe unless you sit down
7. Breathing with your shoulders up or down

Disorders of consciousness, etc 1. Vague, weak reaction
2. No reply
3. The pulse drops
4. You feel that the rhythm of the pulse is disturbed

3. People who are recuperating at home [people with light symptoms]

(1) The health center will call you to hear your symptoms.
(2) The health center may make a "non-notification" call. Please be sure to answer the call.
(3) If you do not answer the phone, a health center staff member may go to your house.
(4) The frequency of call depends on the symptoms.
(5) Do not drink alcohol.
(6) Do not smoke.
(7) If your symptoms worsen, call the health center immediately.

The health center lends a pulse oximeter to those who are recuperating at home.

A pulse oximeter is a device that measures oxygen saturation in blood.
The value of "SpO2 ○○%" displayed on the pulse oximeter is "blood oxygen saturation".
 e.g. "SpO2 96%"

Correct usage of pulse oximeter

(1) Sit down and measure.
(2) Take a deep breath and rest before measuring.
(3) Turn on the power of the pulse oximeter and put your finger in it.
(4) Measure for 20 to 30 seconds.

【Be careful】
・Please measure 2-3 times.
・Do not measure while lying down.
・Do not measure immediately after moving.
・If you have nail polish on your nails, you will not be able to measure correctly.
・If your finger is cold, you cannot measure correctly.

Please return the pulse oximeter to the health center immediately after the medical treatment is completed. There is a person who wants to borrow it next.

4. People who are admitted to the hospital [People with mild to severe symptoms]

(1) The health center will call you where to be hospitalized and how to get to the hospital.
(2) Once you are hospitalized, you cannot leave the ward.
(3) If you cannot write the treatment consent form in Japanese, the health center staff can write it for you.
(4) Check the type of insurance card.
  ・National Health Insurance
  ・Employees' Health Insurance
  ・Livelihood protection
(5) Please prepare your belongings.
  ・Health insurance card
  ・Patient registration card
  ・The medicine you are taking
  ・Medicine notebook
  ・Mobile phone
  ・Chargers fo mobile phone
  ・You can't wash your underwear, so bring a lot.
  ・Shoes with heels
  ・Pajamas or room wear *
  ・Daily necessities *
* Pajamas, face towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, etc. will cost money when rented.

5. People who recuperate at the hotel

(1) The health center will call you to find out how to get to the hotel.
(2) If you enter the hotel, you cannot go outside.
(3) Check the type of insurance card.
  ・National Health Insurance
  ・Employees' Health Insurance
  ・Livelihood protection
(4) For more information about your belongings, please read "Recuperation Guide".

If you do not understand Japanese well or want to speak in your own language, please contact Funabashi Multilingual Information Center.

Phone: 050-3101-3495
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


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