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    Kubota Spears Funabashi Tokyo Bay

    A rugby team competing mightily on the nation's highest stage.Aiming at the national championship by conscientiously practicing at Funabashi Ground!


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    Sports Park

    Enjoy a wide range of sports at this comprehensive sports park. Have fun moving your body!


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    Hoten Park (Grasspo)

    The vast grounds of the park stretch for 5.7 hectares. Have fun playing sports on the open exercise grounds and tennis courts!


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    Mitsui Fudosan Ice Park Funabashi

    The nation’s first ice rink with two separate rinks in one place.All visitors from beginners to advanced skaters can enjoy ice skating throughout the year.


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    Funabashi Meguru Spa

    We help you escape the noise of the city and get healthy.
    Refresh yourself in a large bath with an outdoor area and a walking pool!


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    13 bridge tour on the Ebina River

    The Ebi River flows through the very center of the city of Funabashi. It is spanned by 13 bridges with distinctive relief art.


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    H.C. Andersen Park

    This park recreates the scenery of Denmark in the 1800s, evoking the atmosphere of that distant country.Flowers and foliage are waiting for your arrival!


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    Funabashi Sanbanze Seaside Park

    This is a leisure park of water and greenery, where you can enjoy barbecue and clamming. The view and feeling of freedom are outstanding!


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    The Funabashi pro basketball team vying to be the best in Japan! Feel the thrill of the game by watching up close!


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    Funabashi Arena

    With a fully equipped indoor heated pool and training room, this gymnasium is also used for pro basketball games.


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    Funabashi Forest Park

    A deep, beautiful forest and the sound of bird calls. Feel nature in full!


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    A 134 meter long former antartic research vessel It now acts as a base for dispatching environmental information.


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    Nakayama Racecourse and Funabashi Racecourse

    Funabashi is the only city in all of Japan to have 2 racecourses within its city limits. Many fans come from both inside the city and out.


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    Historic Tour

    The urban area of Funabashi is a hotbed for people and activities. However, just one step into an alleyway may lead to a more historic landscape full of temples and shrines, old architecture and remnants of the past.