Sauce Ramen


 Sauce Ramen, unlike the more common miso or shoyu soup-based ramen, is a type of ramen flavored with Worcestershire sauce.
 The idea for this dish, which dates back to post-World War II, was the brainchild of a Chinese restaurant near Funabashi Station and has been popular among locals ever since. However, because it was never sold outside of restaurants in the Funabashi Station area, and the Chinese restaurant that first came up with the idea closed down, the ramen became something of an enigma among the people of Funabashi, many of whom are not aware of this dish themselves.
 In recent years, a campaign has begun amongst ramen shops in the city who have collected their efforts to try and revive sauce ramen again. Without using a common recipe, each ramen shop has come up with their own sauce ramen concoctions based on the Worcestershire sauce flavor. If you plan on staying in Funabashi for a long period of time, it may be fun to sample and compare the various shops' flavors. 

 Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) Highball


Both the appearance and the taste have great impact!The name is Komatsuna Highball!

Komatsuna Highball is riding on the popularity of Funabashi as a thriving production center of komatsuna.Although the appearance is similar to that of aojiru green juice, and it has a slightly bothersome bitterness and leafy smell, one can’t help gulping it down.

Unexpected freshness!It is surprisingly easy to drink with its rich komatsuna flavor.It is also good for one's health.

The use of fresh, crispy-chewy komatsuna paste with its sweet and rich flavor is the secret of the green richness of the drink.By adding grapefruit syrup and lemon, it becomes really smooth!It also goes well with various dishes!

By the way, Komatsuna Highball contains alcohol, but some shops also prepare a non-alcohol version of the drink.

Please order Komatsuna Highball when you make a toast in Funabashi♪