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 All copyrights for sentences and images placed in this Funabashi Tourist Site "FUNABASHI Style" (here in after referred to as "this Site") as a general rule, belong to Funabashi City (the copyrights to some images etc. belong to the original authors of the work specified at the bottom of the page).
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  1. As a general rule, it is allowed to create links for this Site.
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  4. As a rule, we do not accept requests to post links on this Site.



  1. Although the utmost effort has been used to ensure the accuracy of any information placed on this Site, Funabashi City will not take responsibility for any acts that a user performs using the information from this Site.
  2. Funabashi City will not under any circumstances accept responsibility for any damages or loss that may arise from accessing this Site.
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  4. The contents of this Site (including this regulation) and URL may change or be removed without prior notice. 

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 The contents inside this Site can generally be used without disclosing any personal information.
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