A former antarctic research vessel with a history of 25 voyages. 134 meters long and 28 meters wide.

A former Antarctic research vessel sets sail again as the "SHIRASE"


 This former Antarctic research vessel first set sail in 1983.
 It boasts a majestic hull and a history of 25 voyages to the Antarctic.
 After its retirement in 2008, it was saved from scrapping to serve as a symbol of the environment, from the wish to convey the culture of Antarctic research and the challenger's spirit.
 Currently, events are held a few times annually, collaboration tours are conducted with nearby factories regularly every week, and you can enjoy tours inside the ship and a weather forecasting experience corner.
 Visitors cannot approach the ship except when events are being held.

For information on when the ship is open to the public, visit the SHIRASE5002 homepage