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Sports are popular among young and old in Funabashi with its Sports Healthy Community Declaration.What sports team comes to mind when thinking about the representative sports teams of Funabashi?

Funabashi boasts many sports teams, including Chiba Jets Funabashi, a leading professional basketball team in Japan, as well as the Funabashi Municipal High School teams that regularly participate in national ball games, gymnastics and swimming tournaments.Another representative sports team in the city is the KUBOTA Spears, aiming to become the nation's rugby champion.


This is the team of Kubota Spears Funabashi Tokyo Bay!

KUBOTA Spears belongs to Japan's Top Rugby League, where well-rounded athletes in body and soul compete with power and technique.Players who have been selected to represent Japan or other leading rugby countries belong to this team.With the hopes of the citizens to beat other strong rugby teams across Japan on their shoulders, members practice at Kubota Funabashi Ground in their hometown, Funabashi.

KUBOTA Spears was originally established as an amateur rugby club by the global industrial machinery manufacturer, KUBOTA Corporation.Since 1990, the KUBOTA team has put serious efforts in the corporate sports field, and has been promoted to the Top League in the 2003 season for the first time.Although the team experienced frustrating demotion too, it again joined the Top League after two seasons, up to the present.
The “Spear” part of the team name is English, meaning lance.It symbolizes the team's motto of combining striking power to sharply break through the opposite team’s defense and offensive power to cut the opponent’s strong tackles.

Last year, the Spears were the 2019 runner-up in the Japan Rugby Top League, the nation’s highest-level of rugby competition.To take back the championship it so narrowly missed the previous year, the players keep practicing hard every day !


The team’s color is orange!The color indicates fellowship to fight together in orange uniforms, and the Spears’ fans are called the Orange Army.Please join us and wear an orange uniform to cheer for the team at matches?

Aiming at the top of Japan from Funabashi!

The Spears’ practice base, the Kubota Funabashi Ground, is located on the premises of the Keiyo Plant of the global industrial machinery manufacturer, KUBOTA Corporation.A scene of wide openness across the green turf.On this ground one forgets that there is an industrial plant as the players daily practice with fervor the sweat running down.

The Spears signed an Agreement on Mutual Cooperation and Support with Funabashi in 2016.The team has made earnest efforts to contribute to the region, and has hosted tag rugby lessons at elementary schools in the city and organized exchange events by inviting fans to the KUBOTA Funabashi Ground.

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The KUBOTA Spears Rugby Festival is an opportunity to interact with the players!

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"Patrol Running," consists of strong rugby players running through the community to guard the region.

KUBOTA Spears is a Funabashi-based sports team loved by the residents.Don’t miss watching the team as it succeeds to win the Japan championship!

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