13 bridge tour on the Ebina River

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 The Ebi River flows leisurely through the city center of Funabashi, springing from headwaters in Otakisan Konzoji Temple.
 It is said the name of the river ("Ebi", meaning "shrimp" in Japanese) comes from the fact that shrimp caught in this river were served to Minamoto no Yoritomo (the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, from 1192 to 1199), when he visited Funabashi long ago.
 Reliefs are installed depicting the features of Funabashi on the railings of 13 bridges that span the Ebi River, easing the hearts of people who cross over them.
 Walking paths and a jogging road have been developed along the river, so you can enjoy nature in the four seasons as you walk leisurely along the course.

Start at Keisei Daijingushita Station

280m -5min-

Funabashi Bridge (Image: "Romance for the Sea")

 This bridge is where Route No. 14 crosses the Ebi River. It is the bridge on the "13 Bridge Tour On The Ebi River" closest to the mouth of the river. It has a cute statue of parent and child kappa, envisioning "Romance for the Sea".

100m -1min-

Yachiyo Bridge (Image: "Fishing and a Bountiful Catch")

 A statue of fish and the waves, and a relief depicting fishing in times past are installed here.

270m -5min-

Ebigawa Bridge (Image: "History and Commerce")

 It is also known as the "Bridge of Longevity". See an art object like the bow of a ship protruding from the bridge, and a signed hand-print of the late Shigechiyo Izumi. There is an also engraved inscription of "The place from which Funabashi earned its name".

40m -1min-

Yorozuyo Bridge (Image: "People")

 A relief depicting the sea and wildlife is installed here.

75m -1min-

Sakae Bridge (Image: "Music")

 An inscription of the tanka poem "Tenohira-o Taiyo-ni" and a bronze statue are installed here, and musical notes line the railings.

60m -1min-

Maruyama Bridge (Image: "Volunteer Spirit")

 There is a statue of the Funabashi City volunteer character "Sazan Kasacchan", and an art object installed across from it depicting "The Volunteer's Ship".
 Kappa characters designed by many famous manga artists, including Osamu Tezuka, are shown riding the "Volunteer's Ship", thanks to cooperation from the Japan Cartoonists Association.

100m -1min-

Kokonoe Bridge (Image: "Literature")

 The great writer Osamu Dazai authored works while staying in Funabashi.
 His former residence is nearby this bridge.
A portrait statue of Dazai and a relief with a passage from his masterpiece "Run, Melos!" are installed here.

120m -2min-

Shinebigawa Bridge (Image: "Festivals")

 Statues of an adorable children's music brigade, as well as people dancing Funabashi's traditional performance, the "Bakamen Odori", line the railings.

400m -7min-

Taro Bridge (Image: "Japanese Fairytales")

 Momotaro, Kintaro, Urashima Taro, and Monogusa Taro. The representative characters of Japanese fairytales show up in force on the railings of this bridge.



300m -5min-

Fushimi Bridge (Image: "Art")

 Statues of women representing the four seasons are installed on the four corners of the railings.

550m -9min-

Takajo Bridge (Image: "History and Nature")

 This is the only wooden bridge out of the 13 bridges spanning the Ebi River.

550m -9min-

Yasakae Bridge (Image: "Sports")

 Funabashi is a "Sports and Health City". A statue of the symbol of this, "Ase Ippei", is installed here.

250m -4min-

 Mukaida Bridge (Image: "Agriculture and a Good Harvest")

 The final bridge of the 13 Bridge Tour On The Ebi River.  See an idyllic landscape spread before you, away from the hustle and bustle of the Funabashi Station area.  A statue of two pheasants harmoniously pecking for food is installed here.

80m -1min-

Yasakaebashi Bus Stop (Funabashi Shin-Keisei Bus) GOAL

Don't stop with just the 13 Bridge Tour! See these recommended spots on the Ebi River.

 Jogging Road


This course stretches 3.2 km from Fushimi Bridge to the Kitayatsu River and back. Many local residents come to run or enjoy a leisurely stroll here. It is known as a destination for seeing the cherry blossoms, and in the spring approximately 500 sakura trees planted on either bank bloom as if to blanket the surface of the river, delighting the eyes of blossom viewers. 

Foot prints of Yuko Arimori


 A foot-print monument to Ms. Yuko Arimori, two-time consecutive medal winner in the Olympic Marathon (in Barcelona and Atlanta) is located near Yasakae Bridge. Ms. Arimori practiced on the Ebi River Jogging Road when she was a student at Funabashi Municipal High School, under the instruction of its former Track and Field coach, Mr. Yoshio Koide.