Nakayama Racecourse and Funabashi Racecourse



Photos courtesy of the Chiba Prefecture Horse Racing Cooperative Association

The only city in Japan with 2 racecourses in its city limits

Nakayama Racecourse

 This racecourse represents the JRA (Japan Racing Association), and hosts many large-scale races, including the Satsuki Sho, the Sprinters' Stakes, and the race with the highest sales in all of Japan, the Arima Kinen.
 A steep slop awaits horses as they approach the goal, making for many famous competitions.

Photos courtesy of the JRA

Nakayama Racecourse

■ Address: 1-1-1 Kosaku, Funabashi-shi
■ Parking: ¥2,000/day for standard-sized cars (¥1,000 when sold outside the facility)
■ Directions: 10 minutes walk from "Funabashi-Hoten Station" 

Funabashi Racecourse

 The night horse race "Heartbeat Nighter" is popular with fans for its romantic atmosphere.
 It is also the stage for "Funabashi Keiba", the races that have produced many famous racing horses from the region.
 Spectators sit close to the racecourse itself, where they can enjoy the full excitement of the race.

競馬場の画像4 競馬場の画像5

Funabashi Racecourse

■ 1-2-1 Wakamatsu, Funabashi-shi
■ Parking: Standard-sized cars ¥500/day (Free for the first 30 minutes after entry)
■ Directions: 5 minutes walk from Funabashi Keibajo Station, 10 minutes walk from Minami-Funabashi Station