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 Funabashi has many places where you can get in touch with nature in every season.
 It is a place where you can hear the waves on the sea and the bird cries if you listen closely, where you can be blow in a gentle breeze and smell the earth, while you look for a one-of-a-kind wildflower…
 In Funabashi, you can find nature in the midst of the city.


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"Funabashi Sanbanze", still rich in natural surroundings

 The smell of the sea, the shimmering water, the sound of waterfowl flapping their wings…
 Take a step away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to a place where times goes slower.
 "Funabashi Sanbanze" is an 1,800 hectare area of tidal flats and shallow sea water located in the innermost part of Tokyo Bay, surrounded by the cities of Funabashi, Urayasu, Ichikawa, and Narashino on three sides.
 Here you can find not only a wide variety of fish and shellfish, but many migratory waterfowl that use this area as a stopover throughout the year.
 It is familiar to many people as a place where Tokyo's precious natural form can still be seen.

*The area's Japanese name "三番瀬" is pronounced by many as "Sanbanse" with an "s", but the local pronunciation from times long past is "Sanbanze" with a "z".

 いつもそばにある風景の画像2 いつもそばにある風景の画像3

 It is also famous as a stopover for migratory birds. This makes it perfect for birdwatching and as a date spot!

Sanbanze has been selected as one of the "100 Best Views of Mount Fuji in Kanto"!

 Funabashi Sanbanze Seaside Park and the views of Mount Fuji as seen from the vicinity have been selected as one of the "100 Best Views of Mount Fuji in Kanto" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kanto Regional Development Bureau.
 You can also see "Diamond Fuji" from Sanbanze, when the setting sun reaches the summit of the mountain.
 The sight of Mount Fuji's black silhouette and the light of the setting sun at the moment it sinks below the mountaintop is impressive indeed.
 There are just 2 chances each year to see "Diamond Fuji", in mid February and late October.
 Pray for good weather when the time comes.

いつもそばにある風景の画像4 いつもそばにある風景の画像5

 That moment when your hands come together on their own. If the air is clear, you can see Mount Fuji as clear as day!

Click here for the Funabashi Sanbanze Seaside Park homepage

See the cherry blossoms at Ebigawa Jogging Road!

 It is said that the name "Ebigawa" (Shrimp River) was given after shrimp caught in the river were served to Minamoto no Yoritomo (the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate) when he visited Funabashi.
 As a sports and health city, many residents enjoy the scenery of the seasons while taking a stroll or a jog along this course (3.2 km round trip).
 There is also a monument with the foot prints of Yuko Arimori, who won medals in two consecutive Olympic marathons (Barcelona and Atlanta).


 When Ms. Arimori was still active, she practiced on the Ebigawa Jogging Road under the guidance of former Funabashi Municipal High School track and field coach Mr. Yoshio Koide.

いつもそばにある風景の画像7 いつもそばにある風景の画像8

 In the spring, nearly 500 cherry trees planted on either bank bloom as if to cover the whole river, dazzling the eyes of visitors.
 The sakura blossoms illuminated at night are truly a sight to behold! Come by to see the flowers and eat at one of the many food stalls open along the road.


■ 5 Natsumi, Funabashi-shi
・On foot: 20 minutes walk from Funabashi Station North Exit
・By bus: From Funabashi Station North Exit, Bus Stand No. 4, take the Shin-Keisei Bus to "Funabashi-shi Chuo Oroshiuri Ichiba" then walk 3 minutes
■ Parking: None