Origin of the name "Funabashi"




 Long ago, the Ebi River running through the city was wider than it is now, and had a strong flow, making it difficult to bridge. So people floated small boats in line and made a boardwalk over the boats as a substitute bridge. Funabashi’s “funa” came from the boats, and “bashi” came from the bridge.

 In Edo period, markets were held on 5th in the east, and 9th in the west side of Ebigawa River. The market locations used to be called Itsukamachi village (5th market village) and 9th market village (current Miyamoto, Motomachi/Minatomachi, respectively). These two villages and Kaijinmura village (current Kaijinmura) are generally called Funabashi village or Funabashi hostels. The area became Funabashi-cho (Funabashi town) in 1890.