Changes to the Immigration Control Act and the Basic Resident Registration Law on July 9th, Heisei 24.



To improve foreign residents’ convenience and streamline municipalities’ operations, the law for partial amendments to the Basic Resident Registration Law was promulgated on July 15, Heisei 21. By this amendment, foreign residents will be subject to the Basic Resident Registration Law. It will come into effect on the date of enforcement of amended law of Immigration Control Act (be scheduled for July 9th, Heisei24)

Major changes

  Foreign residents will be subject to the Basic Resident Registration Law.

Foreign residents will be listed on the Basic Resident Registration.

Municipalities will be able to issue certified copies of the residence record ("juminhyo") listing all members of such household even for the family composed of Japanese and non-Japanese individuals.

Foreign residents are required to submit a notification of moving out to the municipality.

Foreign residents have not been required to notice their change of address under the Alien Registration Act, however, they will be required to submit a notification of moving in/out to the municipality when they move to/from that city.

The amendment of Immigration Control Act improves conveniences for foreign residents.

It will lighten the work of foreign residents by avoiding overlapped notices.

After the amendment becomes effective, foreign residents are not required to notice changes to the municipality where they reside when changes in personal information, such as resident status, period of stay, are made at the Regional Immigration Bureau. Required notice to the City Hall is the address change only. (It is required for Special Permanent Residents to notice the address change and the renewal of Special Permanent Resident Certificate to the City Hall.)

“Alien registration certificate” is change to “Special Permanent Resident Certificate” or “Residence Card” in sequence.

Special Permanent Resident Apply for Special Permanent Resident Certificate at the City Hall by the next confirmation (renewal) application.
Permanent Resident Apply for Residence Card at the Regional Immigration Bureau within 3 years of the amendment to the Immigration Control Act.
Other than those above Residence Card is issued by the Regional Immigration Bureau at the time of the permission for change of status of residence and permission for extension of the period of stay with the amendment to the Immigration Control Act.

“Alien registration certificate” is deemed to be equivalent to “Special Permanent Resident Certificate” or “Residence Card” within a period above mentioned.    

  Eligible registrants for Basic Resident Registration

The foreign nationals who legally reside in Japan for more than 3 months (except for temporary visitors).

  1. Medium to long term resident (with Residence Card) 
  2. Special Permanent Resident 
  3. Person granted landing permission for temporary refuge or person granted permission for provisional stay
  4. Person who is to stay in Japan through birth or who has renounced Japanese nationality

The residence certificates may not be issued to persons who do not come under any of the above or do not have the status of residence on the enforcement date (including those who do not notice changes in registered items of residence period to the municipality). Please follow the prescribed procedures if necessary.
Provisional residence records ("Kari-Juminhyo") will be mailed to eligible persons on May Heisei 24 for confirmation of registered items. 


Ministry of Justice

See the following website about details of the amendment to the Immigration Control Act.

Ministry of Justice

Change to the system of the Special Permanent Resident!
Start of a new residence management system!

 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Change to the Basic Resident Registration Law


戸籍住民課 市民第二係(外国人住民担当)


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