Tokyo Skytree Town®



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 Tokyo Skytree®, det højeste selvbærende tv-tårn i verden (634 m), blev færdigopført i 2012 som Tokyos nye vartegn.
 The observation deck, rising 350m above ground, is covered by glass for a 360-degree all-round view and allows 70km view into the distance on a sunny day.And the upper deck rising a further 100m, or 450m above ground, protrudes outside and gently slopes, making us feel as is we are walking in the air.
 The shopping mall "Tokyo Soramachi® " at the foot of the tower accommodates fashion, variety, food & drink, and souvenir shops.The tourist information center has a convenient currency exchange counter.

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Fra Tokyo Skytree Town til Funabashi

Stationen Oshiage (Skytree)
Omkring 25 minutter med Keisei-linjen (med destination i Narita Lufthavn/Keisei Sakura/Keisei Narita/Shibayama Chiyoda)
Stationen Keisei Funabashi

 Pris: 320 yen

Fra Funabashi til Tokyo Skytree Town

Stationen Keisei Funabashi
↓ Omkring 25 min. med Keisei-linjen (med destination i Nishi-Magome/indenrigsterminalen i Haneda Lufthavn)
Stationen Oshiage (Skytree)


Pris: 320 yen