Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory




Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory, the producer of over 40% of Sapporo Beer products in all of Japan

 See the factory on the Black Label Tour. Enjoy beer and mutton barbecue in the beer restaurant!

サッポロビール千葉工場の画像1 サッポロビール千葉工場の画像3 サッポロビール千葉工場の画像4

 Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory is inside Keiyo Food Complex, the "pantry" for dinner tables across the whole Tokyo area. It stands on grounds stretching more than 180,000 square meters and produces over 40% of all Sapporo Beer products in Japan.
 Visitors can step inside the factory on a guided Black Label Tour. Learn about the history, ingredients, and brewing process of beer, and sample freshly brewed beer.
 The adjacent beer restaurant has glass walls on all sides.
 Enjoy the ocean view while indulging in beer and mutton barbecue.

For details, see the Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory home page